Inventory Assessment System

Inventory Assessment

Outline & Problem

Automatic Stock Monitoring

Automatic Stock Monitoring Concept with minimal camera setup and Cloud-based data-processing

Temporarily storing goods is an unavoidable task in nearly every company, which deals with manufacturing, processing, trading or selling and the need to perform. Whereas huge corporations can invest into highly automated warehouses and support "just in time" and "just in sequence" production in order to minimize efforts, small and medium companies typically rely on pragmatic storing solutions still within non-digitalized (distributed) environments.

What is the customers’ utilization behavior
What is the customers’ utilization behavior of the client’s products and what can we learn from it?

Under these circumstances, despite having a central corporate input/output-assessment it is often hard to assess the exact inventory of specific storing rooms or to collect further information about the usage behavior of specific goods. Consequently, potential for further analytics and value add, e.g. predictive usage-based reorder, waste analysis or seamlessly incorporating suppliers, is blocked. Same goes for suppliers who want to collect data about the usage of their products at customer locations. Especially in the era of "Industrie 4.0" and an accelerating digitization this could quickly turn into a competitive disadvantage.


We use state-of-the-art automatic inventory assessment solutions, that avoid manual check-in/check-out, can be implemented with relatively low cost and dispense with usage of artificial product features for product identification, e.g. fiducial markers, bar-codes and RFID-Tags.

The whole setup only consists of 4 key components, all of which can be grouped up into one neat package
The whole setup only consists of 4 key components, all of which can be grouped up into one neat package

Approach & Methods

Our approach covers a (multi-)camera-based solution within the entrance area of storage facilities supported by modern machine learning algorithms for object identification and secure, scalable cloud-based inventory management. We aim to achieve reliable and robust object identification with a combination of OCR and Deep Learning. Consequently, we are able to identify even stacked and partly-occluded objects. Furthermore, we can manage one or thousand storage rooms with a browser-based inventory management system. Data acquisition, transmission and storage are carried out with respect to latest technology standards and legal situation in terms of security and privacy.

Hardware & System Architecture
Hardware & System Architecture: Combining the hardware and the processing to deliver it to the client via an easily manageable Web User Interface

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