Founders' focus

Berlin, 2016: Thomas Staufenbiel (previously Airbus Safran Launchers), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Lambrecht (previously, inter alia, Telekom Innovation Laboratories) and Dr. Eugen Funk (previously German Aerospace Center) bundle their skills and many years of expertise in the fields of automation, robotics, image processing and the cloud with the founding of Gestalt Robotics GmbH.

The goal is the project-based development of industrial software solutions for Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence. After a short time already renowned corporations could be won as trusting customers, who profit from the modern, agile way of working and thinking.

For the first six months after its founding, Gestalt Robotics was based at the Institute of Machine Tools and Factory Operations of the Technical University of Berlin in the Production Technology Center.

Meanwhile, Gestalt Robotics is an established service provider with independent setup. At the spacious location in Berlin’s lively area of Kreuzberg, the interdisciplinary team develops future-oriented solutions for automation and mobility.

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The name Gestalt Robotics is a reference / homage to the Gestalt theory and its important contributions to perceptual research. The fact that Gestalt Robotics is also active in the field of perception of technical systems aptly rounds off the reference. In addition, the key statement attributed to Gestalt theory also applies to our automation solutions: "The whole is more than the sum of its parts".