Customized AI

Customized AI

Outline & Problem

We believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be an essential part in future robot and sensor systems. However, when integrating intelligence, one faces various challenges: Performant algorithms are tough to understand, implement and employ. Robust AI systems require vast amounts of data to properly work.

We at GESTALT support you to integrate AI systems into your individual task or system.


We design, implement and integrate your AI pipelines - especially in scenarios where real-time processing capabilities are required. If the available data is sparse, we figure out ways to work around it. You state the problem - we build the solution and provide support for the future product. From our technology portfolio, we choose the best fitting tools and adapt them to suit your needs.

Approach & Methods

After receiving your ideas or problem statements, we first spend some time to understand your needs and translate that into well researched technical problems. In the Consulting Phase, our experts provide advice on the feasibility of your ideas and how to proceed. We choose the appropriate methods out of our technology portfolio and customize them to suit your problem. Adaptation can involve training algorithms to recognize your specific set of objects or optimize them to achieve the required computation time. Moreover, we figure out which additional components have to be implemented from scratch and conduct research to find appropriate solutions. In case of data sparsity, we apply our data efficient techniques. Also, we are experienced in UI design, which enables us to build efficient communication interfaces for human users.

Having formalized your requirements and agreed on a working plan, we start developing the solution. When implementing the system, we prefer a stepwise approach: In the first phase, we start with quick feasibility experiments resulting in a proof-of-concept (PoC). This ensures that you obtain feedback whether your stated problem can be satisfactorily solved after a short period of time and minimizes your risk.

With the knowledge gained from the prototypical PoC, we are ready to tackle a more ambitious implementation phase, which creates a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). In this phase, the features which do not require research, but are mission critical, are integrated into the prototype. Furthermore, algorithms built in the PoC phase are improved to meet the requirements.

When the MVP has been finished, we are ready to evaluate the solution obtaining feedback from you and your customers. An intensive testing process helps us to understand how well the new solution is going to be accepted and which additional features are vital for success. We will then integrate them in the Solution Development phase.

After your approval of the final solution, we can talk about its deployment and roll-out. We are experienced on delivering AI services on embedded systems as well as in the cloud. You can choose the approach, which suits you most. Finally, when requested, we offer technical support for the end product.

Our cooperation process
Our cooperation process

The whole cooperation process is visualized in the image above. To maintain readability, we have omitted various feedback loops in the scheme, however, we put strong emphasis on clear communication. We are happy when in the end, you get the product you want. Hence, we will regularly be in contact with you, providing status reports and clarifying open questions.

Our Quote

We love to help you introducing AI into your systems and businesses. You can contact us under or give us a call at +49 30 616 515 60 – we would love to hear from you.